Alexander E. Melnikov


I was born in 1965 in Ivanovo. In 1984-1986 I joined the Soviet Army. In 1990 I graduated the Ivanovo Power Engineering Institute on speciality "High Voltage Technic". I was working as constructor at Problem Scientific Research Laboratory of Applied Ferrohidrodinamic for 3 year. At present I am working as an electronic engineer of first category at the Nuclear Power Plant Department of the Ivanovo State Power Engineering University.

My hobbies are quite different. I'm found of Palekh Art, the aircraft's and motor-car's history, I collect scale model cars, I also collect air ram information, I like classical music and author's songs by V.Vysotsky, B.Okudzhava, Yu.Vizbor, O.Mityaev and other.

A have taking up this site since November 3d, 1998.


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