Ivan I. Golikov

Ivan I. Golikov

I.I.Golikov was born in January 8 (20 according to a new style), 1887 in Moscow in a family of a hereditary painter. Merited Art Worker of the RSFSR (1935). Member of the Artist's Union of the RSFSR since 1934. When Golikov was seven, his family moved to Palekh Village. He began to study at N.M.Safonov's studio at the age of ten (1897-1900). He worked in various icon-painting studios in Moscow and St.Petersburg. For a year he studied at the School of Technical Drawing of Baron A.L.Schiglitz. He painted frescos in the church of the Svyatoozersky Monastery in 1906 and in a church in Kazan. From 1907 to 1911 he joined the army. Later on he worked in N.M.Sofonov's studio (1911-1914). He took part in World War I (1914-1917). In 1918-1919 he worked within the general education system in Shuya (Ivanovo-Voznesensk Province). After the revolution he worked in the theatres of Shuya, Ivanovo-Voznesensk and Kostroma (scenery for productions of A.N.Ostrovsky's "The Forest", "The Storm" and "The Snow Maiden", for production of J.B.Moliere's play "A Doctor by Necessity"). He was the direct initiator and founder of the Artel of Ancient Painting (December 4, 1924). He died in March 30, 1937 in Palekh.

He was engaged in monumental painting, porcelain and enamel painting. He also created illustrations for books ("The Lay of Igor's Host", Moscow, Academia, 1933; "Tale of Tsar Saltan", Moscow, 1933; he also drew the sketches for A.Blok's poem "The Twelve", 1933). Themes of his works: folklore, literature, history, contemporary subjects, rustic motives, revolutionary subjects, battle scenes, troikas, hunting scenes, ornamental subjects. Exhibits since 1923. He has painted 1000 lacquer miniatures in the whole.

Golikov's House-Museum

His works are held in: The State Museum of Palekh Art, The State Russian Museum (St.Petersburg), The State Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow), The Museum of Folk Art (Moscow), The Zagorsk State Historico-Art Museum-Reserve (Sergiev Possad), The All-Russia Museum of Decorative and Applied Art (Moscow), The All-Russia Pushkin Museum (St.Petersburg), The A.M.Gorky's Memorial Museum (Moscow), The Nizhny Novgorod State Art Museum, The Vyatka Regional Art Museum, The Ivanovo Regional Art Museum, The Irkutsk Regional Art Museum, The Yaroslavl Historico-Architectural Museum-Reserve, The Kiev Museum of Russian Art, The State Art Museum of Belorussia. There is a monument to I.I.Golikov in the centre of Palekh. One of Palekh streets is named after him. In 1968 in Palekh Golikov's House-Museum was opened.


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