Valentin M. Khodov


Born in November 23, 1942 in Yuzha town (Ivanovo Region). Merited Artist of the RSFSR (1985). Silver Medal of the Academy of Fine Arts of the USSR (1974), Regional Lenin Komsomol Prize laureate (1978). Member of the Artist's Union of the RSFSR since 1971. Studied at the Palekh Art College in 1957-1962. V.T.Bondarenko, V.I.Golov, F.A.Kaurtsev, I.V.Markichev, B.M.Nemtinov, I.M.Bakanov were his teachers. Works at the Palekh Art-productions Workshops in 1962 and 1966-1988. Serve in the Nothern Navy in 1962-1966. Member of "Yuong Painter" magazine editorial board since 1978. Vice-chairman since 1978 and chairman f the Board of the Palekh Organization of the Artist's Union of the RSFSR since 1986. He died in August 31, 1988 in Palekh.

He was engaged in monumental painting (painted frescos in the "Ruslan" cinema teatre in Pushkin town (Leningrad Region, 1971-1972), foyer of Ivanovo Palace of Textile Workers (1974), Fary Tales Room of Moscow State Children Musical Theatre (1979-1982)), decorate theater art (suit and curtain sketchs for choreographic miniatures "Snow Maiden" of L.Yakobson's Leningrad Ballet Company (1970-1971)), illustrations for book (V.A.Zhukovsky's "Sliping Tsarevna" (1977), "Murom Fary Tales" (1983)). Themes of works: folklore, history, literature, revolution, architecture, genre scenes. Exhibited since 1968.

His works are held in: The State Museum of Palekh Art, The State Russian Museum (St.Petersburg), The All-Russia Museum of Decorative and Applied Art (Moscow), The Museum of Folk Art (Moscow), The Ivanovo Regional Art Museum, The State Museum of History (Moscow), The All-Russia Pushkin Museum (St.Petersburg), The Plyos State Historico-Architectural and Art Museum-Reserve (Ivanovo region), The Art Fund of Russia.


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