Palekh Art College After M.Gorky

Palekh Art College

Since the first years of the Artel of Ancient Painting existence a problem of training specialists has appeared in Palekh. The first pupils appeared in 1926 there. A pupil was sat by the master and was taught how to paint in Palekh manner in such a way.

In 1928 a Special Vocational School of Ancient Painting was opened in Palekh where the pupils were taught for four years. In 1935 it became a Technical School of Art. And in 1936 it became a college as a part of All-Union Commity Art System.

Technical School of Art

Nikolay M. Zinovyev, who had been teaching at school all his life since 1928, worked out a programme of teaching. In different years such painters as T.N.Barbarina, A.V.Borunov, Yu.A.Brovkin (a head master of the college in 1976-1981), K.S.Bokarev, V.V.Bolshakov (a head master of the college in 1981-1989), V.V.Buldakov, D.N.Butorin, A.V.Doshlygin, V.I.Golov, O.L.Golubev, A.V.Gordeev, N.B.Gribov, F.A.Kaurtsev, A.V.Kotukhin, A.V.Kovalyov, B.M.Nemtinov, V.A.Paramonov, N.M.Parilov, A.S.Peskov, N.A.Pravdin, I.E.Schukin, K.S.Semaykin, M.I.Shemarov (a head master of the college in 1945-1953), I.P.Vakurov, A.I.Vatagin, E.N. and N.F.Vikhrevs, Yu.V.Zhegalov taught in the college.

Palekh Art College is a secondary special educational institution with five year term of study. The students study both technicals, composition of Palekh miniature, wall painting and academic drawing and painting, anatomy, perspective, technology of pictorial material, history of art. First they had the following specialities: Miniature Palekh Art, painting on parchment, wall painting, porcelain painting. In the seventies there were lessons on restored temper painting. Since 1991 there has been opened three-year term of icon-painting.

Palekh Art organizations accept skill masters, having graduated the full course of art painting speciality and having received qualification as "Painter of Lacquered Miniature".

The college has a museum where you can see diploma works of graduates.

College museum works:

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