Building Image

The forms of building image like other elements in old Russian paintings was taken from Byzantium. They have no scale relatively to a man. The forms were pure and the features were primitive. Russian painters had been constantly working at them. Lower you can see building images in different centuries.

Old Russian painting of the 15th century.

The main architectural forms are vividly expressed. Ornamental decorations have been paid great attention to.

Palekh painting of the 17th century.

This kind of architecture is more complicated. Sometimes the buildings have some storeys. They are beautified by decorative details. Building scale and man scale are coincide.

Such kind of building image was used in P.D.Bazhenov's and I.V.Markichev's works.

Palekh painting of the 18th century (from icon "Acathistos in honour of Saviour").

The image is diminutive and delicate the forms are complicated and decorations are ornamental.

Such kind of building image was used in B.M.Ermolaev's works.

Building image in I.M.Bakanov's works.

The main forms and ornamental decorations were taken from building painting of the 14th, 16th and 17th centuries.

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