Water Image

In ancient paintings before 17th century there were rare met water image. You can find it on icons "Epiphany" only but it is not very expressive there. Lower you can see water image painted by different styles.

North Karelian painting of the 17th century.

The drawing is protected by I.P.Vakurov and used in his composition "Stormy Petrel".

Simon Ushakov's school of the 17th century (from icon "The Annunciation with Acathistos").

Most of Palekh artists painted in the same manner.

Palekh painting of the end 17th - beginning 18th century (from icon "St.Nicholas the Miracle-Worker with Scenes of His Life").

Water image in A.A.Dydykin's works.

He united Palekh and Ushakov's styles and created his own one on their basis.

Water image in I.I.Zubkov's works.

Water image in I.P.Vakurov's works.

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