Ornamental decorations in ancient Russian painting appeared in old times. You can see them on architectural buildings, dresses of saints and so on. In Palekh Art it takes particular place.

There are some kinds of ornaments which differs on technic and construction. Some of them are graphical writing in one line, others are made by shading, the third are made by light colours passing from one to another. In our days they use different kinds of ornament for framing the composition or in decoration the clothes. They are painted by gold or silver. In monumental painting they use coloured ornament. It is painted by dark colour on light one or vice versa.

Lower you can see typical ornaments.

Ornament in the widows of Yaroslavl Prophet Elijah church of the 17th century.

Ornament took a special place in Stroganov school, in monumental painting of Rostov and Yaroslavl churches in the 17th century. Palekh masters studied it carefully and used in their works.

Ornament in Yaroslavl school of icon-painting of the 17th century.

Ornament from frescos of the beginning of 19th century from Palekh church of the Exaltation of the Cross.

Such kind of ornament in different variations was used by I.I.Golikov in his works.

Ornament from icon Yaroslavl icon of the 17th century.

Architect V.D.Solntsev's ornaments of the second part of the 19th century.

Solntsev's ornaments were often used by Palekh masters in frescos.

I.I.Golikov's ornamental headpieces.

Such kind of ornament is used for decoration the books.

Thematic ornament inT.I.Zubkova's works (from composition "Rich harvest").

Creating some composition the master framed it by thematic ornament corresponding to it. This ornament corresponds to the harvest theme.

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