Cloud and Aureole Image

Cloud image was different both in form and technique in ancient painting. Yaroslavl cloud image of the 17th century was especially various and decorative. Old Palekh masters such as I.I.Golikov, I.M.Bakanov, I.V.Markichev, A.V.Kotukhin selected and developed the most beautiful traditional cloud image for their works.

Cloud image in I.I.Golikov's and I.M.Bakanov's works.

Aureole image was used around the head of the Saint. It takes an important place in old ancient Russian painting. On old icons such an aureole image is rather simple. It is made by horizontal stripes or rays and stars. We can see samples different in forms and technique in Palekh painting of the 18th century. The drawing is very easy but the technique itself gives it a special effect. It is complicated and labour-consuming. Aureole image is delicate with gold rays through them.

Lower you can see some samples of aureole image. I.P.Vakurov used it in his "Victory" and A.V.Kotukhin used it in his "Fire-bird".

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