Cereals and Winter Image

Picturing of rye field we can see in Yaroslavl frescos dated by the 17th century (church of Prophet Ioan) for the first time. It was a sample of picturing it fo many Palekh artists but everybody did it in his own manner.

Cereals image in Yaroslavl frescos of the 17th century.

Such kind of cereals image was often used by I.I.Golikov, I.M.Bakanov, A.V.Kotukhin in their works.

Cereals image in the works of I.V.Markichev.

Winter image is often used in Palekh lacquer miniature. Composition with troika drawing through snow storm is a very popularized subject in it. We can not see winter image in ancient Russian painting. It was worked out by I.I.Golikov. Sometimes he painted snow by silver points and snow storm by snow curl.

Winter image in works of I.P.Vakurov.

Winter image in works of I.A.Chelyshev.

The similar technique was used by F.I.Klyushkina.

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