Ship, Coach and Carriage Image

In ancient painting the ships were drown rare. We could see it in vital icons. Those drawings were usually general, conventional, nonscale to the man's figure. Lower you can see some samples of it.

Palekh painting of the 17th-18th centuries (from icon "St.Nicholas the Miracle-Worker with Scenes of His Life").

This image is a prototype of many fairy ships in Palekh miniature works.

Ship in I.I.Golikov's works.

Ship in I.V.Markichev's works.

Ship in B.N. and K.V.Kukulievs' works (from the illustrations to the book "Sadko")

In ancient Russian painting we can rare meet image of means of conveyance but chariot in icons devoted to the legend of taking Prophet Elijah to the heaven. The most interesting ones are carriages in frescos of Yaroslavl Prophet Elijah church.

Carriage in Yaroslavl frescos of the 17th century.

This image was the starting point for drawing of carriages and different vehicles in modern Palekh art.

Carriage in I.I.Golikov's works.

This image was taken by Golikov in different variations of troika images.

The same image we can meet in I.M.Bakanov's and A.A.Dydykin's works.

Vehicle in I.I.Golikov's works.

Vehicle in I.P.Vakurov's works (from case "Beasts").

Droshky in A.A.Dydykin's works (from case "Well, Vanya, You are a Bold Lad").

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